Welcome to Macaire

Macaire Santa Gurtrudis registered Stud 1929 is located on the Mid North Coast of NSW at Beechwood. Denis and June McCarthy have successfully bred Santa Gurtrudis since the year 2000 and their award winning cattle have been distributed in herds throughout NSW as regular buyers return on an ongoing basis. The cattle bred at Macaire have a reputation for having a quiet temperament due to the manner in which they are weaned in yards on grain and Silage before being turned out into the herds.

Santa Gurtrudis were originally bred in South Texas to produce high quality beef in harsh conditions. The cattle were introduced to Australia in 1952 and have since become one of the leading cattle breeds as they are well suited to the Australian conditions. There is believed to be over 2 million head of Santa cattle today.

Santa Gurtrudis were chosen by Macaire due to their high tick resistance, ease of calving, high weaning weights and there are no eye cancer problems that can be encountered in other breeds in the Mid North Coast region. The cattle have a high calving rate and have proven to be popular with commercial cattlemen who find the cattle have high food conversion efficiency and daily weight gain along with the advantages of the other Santa traits being introduced to their herds. The cattle have proven their ability to perform and put on weight in a low cost structure. Macaire cattle can be purchased from the paddock or through various sales yards throughout the region.